Oblates and Associates

What is an “oblate?”

An oblate, from the Latin “oblatus” (one offered to serve), is an individual who chooses to affiliate with a monastic community or religious order but who is not a member of that order. This is especially common in the Cistercian and Benedictine traditions of the Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches. Though there are some fully professed religious orders which use the term “Oblate” to denote full members, it is generally understood to be a non-professed member of the community who may perform acts of service or simply as a visible show of support.

What is an Oblate of St. George?

Oblates are clerics but not incardinated members of the Community of St. George. They remain under the ecclesiastical authority of another Bishop. They are, however, individuals who want to support the mission and people of the Community of St. George.

What is an Oblate’s status in the Community?

An Oblate is not a voting member of the community and is not considered to be incardinated clergy. They do not represent the Community and may not present themselves as full members of the community. Oblates are invited to attend Community events with the registration fee waived. Oblates are maintained on a roster separate from that of full Community members. Though not full members, vetted Oblates can be eligible for ecclesiastical endorsement for

What is expected of an Oblate?

Some Oblates may provide volunteer service for the community though this is not required. All Oblates support the community through an annual donation.

How does one become an Oblate?

Individuals fill out an application and include a letter from their bishop indicating that 1) the applicant is under their authority and 2) they consent to them being associate members of the Community of St. George. Additional documents or verification of training, education, CPE etc may be required depending on the specific ministry planned.

What is an Associate?

An associate is a lay person who affiliates with the community in a manner similar to an Oblate. Because associates are not eligible for endorsement, their application is streamlined and fee is reduced. They enjoy the same registration free attendance to Community Convocation as Oblates and inclusion in our private social media groups to interact with the broader community.