Formation Program Course of Study

Modules of Study:

Module 100:  Formation and Personality
​Module 101:  Independent Sacramental Movement I

Module 102:  Call to Ministry
Module 103:  Mysticism I
Module 104:  Independent Sacramental Movement II
Module 105:  Mysticism II
Module 106:  Esotericism I
Module 107:  Independent Sacramental Movement III
Module 108:  Esotericism II
Module 109:  Mysticism III
Module 110:  Esotericism III
​Module 111:  Spirituality I

The course of study within the Formation Program is designed to equip the Postulant (candidate for membership within the Community of Saint George) with information about the Independent Sacramental Movement and also focus on basic spirituality through both Christian mysticism and esoteric studies.  

Diaconate Program
Modules of Study

Module 201  Liberal Catholic Church Tradition
Module 202  Sacred Scripture I
Module 203  Church History I
Module 204  Sacraments I
Module 205  Pastoral Care I
Module 206  Christian Ethics I
Module 207  Social Justice I
Module 208  Pastoral Care II
Module 209  Theology I
Module 210  Pastoral Care III
Module 211  Homiletics I
Module 212  Spirituality II 

Resources for Formation

St. George Athenaeum (Online Library)